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The string bed is flat and the stringing pattern a uniform one.

Yonex GR 303 Badminton Racquet

On all rackets it covers the head area. On some it continues down to the throat, this is allowed when the throat is 35mm or less in width and the length of the stringed area is mm or less. Badminton racket strings typically fall within gauges of 20G 0. Thinner strings usually offer greater power and natural product strings typically outperform synthetic ones. The tension with which they are strung also affects play; generally speaking the tighter the tension the lower the power. The throat AKA the T-head is where the head and shaft connect.


There are two types: externally attached and carbon fibre shafts. Externally attached throats are most often found on rackets where the head and the shaft are made of different materials. It is the job of the throat to connect the two. The throat is proud of the rest of the racket. Carbon fibre covered throats are a more recent development. As well as being lighter they are also stronger and most rackets now feature this type of throat.

The shaft connects the handle to the head. Shafts are available in varying degrees of flexibility. Stiff shafts rebound quickly. Badminton shots are best played at the point of rebound, so if your reflexes and hits are fast a stiff shaft is best for you. A slower player benefits from using a more flexible shaft.

Flexible shafts complement players who use slowly accelerating strokes. The downside of a more flexible shaft is that accurate shot placement is compromised. The handle is where you grip your racket and is the part of the racket that usually fatigues the quickest.

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Most grips are made of synthetic materials like polyurethane. Early racket frames were wooden and as they evolved new, lighter and more durable materials were introduced like aluminium and more recently graphite, titanium, carbon and keylar. Each material offers something different in terms of weight and flexibility. Rackets can vary from 80 to g in weight, and those at the heavier end offer the greater power.

On some models the head, the throat and the shaft are all different materials giving an incredible choice of strength, flexibility, weight and balance points. Every badminton racket has a balance point where you can balance it on the finger of one hand. If that point is closer to the racket handle it has a lower balance point and offers more control to the player. If that point is closer to the head the racket has a higher balance point and offers more power to the player. In the middle there is the balanced racket which offers equal power and control.

Doubles players like a balanced racket as the game is typically faster-paced and features more power shots. A weaker, slower player will do best with an isometric head, thin strings, a flexible throat and a head-heavy racket; while a faster, stronger player should consider the opposite. A newcomer might go for a balanced racket and experiment with different strings and handles to see which works best for them. The best thing is to try a few before you commit. Ask your fellow players to borrow theirs, see which feels best and then research rackets with similar properties to find the closest match.

Then continue to try others as you improve your game, because when you do it will improve your performance even more if you continue to use a well-suited racket. We have been selling sports and fitness products for over ten years through our website and central London showroom. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled customer service. We are committed to providing the best possible deals online. If you find the same product cheaper somewhere else, let us know and we will do our best to match it.

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